About YOKAN Collection

YOKAN, a favorite confection in Japan, has many varieties based on a fundamental theme of azuki beans, sugar and agar. Its simplicity is similar to wine culture in the West; taking pleasure in subtle differences. It is rare to enjoy so many different types of YOKAN in one place.The YOKAN Collection debuted in 2010 in Japan, was held in Paris in 2016, and in Singapore in 2017. Thisyear, as its first debut in the United States, the YOKAN Collection will be held in the cosmopolitan city of NY with support of the Japanese government for the JAPAN brand.Japanese cuisine, a World Heritage, has a long history in sweets. The YOKAN Collection brings YOKAN makers from Japan to create authentic yokan to delight its guests. In addition to tasting opportunities of over 100 varieties of YOKAN, confectioners will be making YOKAN creations every half hour.

YOKAN shops

Shibetsuyokan Honpo Co., Ltd.

Eastern Hokkaido is a dairy region with its wide expanses stretching out to the horizon.
In this severe Hokkaido environment, YOKAN using only locally grownred kidney beans has earned a high reputation.
The sugar used in the YOKAN is from Hokkaido sugar beets.
The amber colored YOKAN pictured here is a result of the long kneading process honed by YOKAN artisans.
Its unique flavor is particular to this area.

Ichikyu Daifukudo Co., Ltd.

Ichikyu Daifukudo was founded in 1924 in Asahikawa, a city near the center of Hokkaido. Specializing in “Daifuku” rice cakes filled with sweet red bean paste, the shop came to typify sweet shops in Hokkaido.
Ichikyu Daifukudo makes YOKAN mainly from Biei Shumari Azuki beans grown near Asahikawa as well as other Hokkaido grown beans.
Sweets made only with Hokkaido ingredients are favorites with the locals. They are typified by bite size YOKAN and vegetable YOKAN using local products.

Gokatteya Honpo

Gokatte Honpo is located in the small, historic town of Esashi which has the oldest shrine in Hokkaido. This shop has been making YOKAN from locally grown Azuki beans since 1870. The origin of the word “Gokatte” comes from the Ainu word “hokaite” which means “a beach battered by the waves”. Hokkaido is famous in Japan as a production area for many types of beans but this area was the first at their successful production. An unusual characteristic of this YOKAN is its shape. It is packed in a round tube. Production of this unusual shape began about 80 years ago. This type of YOKAN, which is pushed out from the bottom of the tube and cut with a string, hardens well. Also, in contrast to most YOKAN which is made with Azuki beans, this YOKAN uses large red kidney beans and has a refreshing, light flavor.

Kaishindo Co., Ltd.

Kaishindo is located in Oushuu City in Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku area of northern Japan, famous for the historically important and wealthy Fujiwara family. Kaishindo, an old shop, is the present heir to Iwayado YOKAN with a history in the area of over 300 years. This YOKAN was named by the Date clan lord of Iwayado castle who ruled from 1673 to 1681. It is characterized by the high heat at which it is made and its strong flavor. Kaishindo’s products are also characterized by their rural flavorings such as sesame, walnut and brown sugar, which are unusual for YOKAN.
The business is known throughout Japan and has many fans.

Obusedo Corporation

Located just near the center of Japan is Nagano prefecture, an area of great natural beauty and famous for its long-lived residents.
Even in Nagano, the town of Obuse is known for its beauty and history. Among its many chestnuts sweet shops, Obusedo is one of the most famous. Originally a sake brewery, (sake brewing continues at the business even now), beginning with the chestnuts harvested in the area, it has continuously made chestnut sweets for over 100 years, never using Azuki beans in its products. Sweets made of only chestnuts are exquisite beyond the unprocessed original.

Yoneya Co., Ltd.

One of the most famous temples in Japan is Shinshouji in Narita city, Chiba prefecture. Although it has a history of over 1000 years, Yoneya have had an extremely deep relationship with this temple.
Chestnut YOKAN is a typical product that originated from the temple’s vegetarian cuisine. On the store grounds in the garden at Yoneya is a statue dedicated to Acala, the Buddhist god of wisdom.
Yoneya is a well known Japanese sweet maker characterized by a wide variety of production techniques ranging from the handmade to mass production by machines.

Toraya Confectionary Co. Ltd.

As a sweet shop, Toraya not only represents Japan but is also the standard to which long established shops throughout Japan aspire.
Founded in the early 16th century in Kyoto, it served the Imperial family from that time and moved its headquarters to Tokyo when the capital was moved there. It has about 80 stores and three factories and is famous for its high quality YOKAN and Japanese sweets. In Japan, Toraya has become a substitute for the word “gift”. Seasonal YOKAN is especially beautiful and the “Mt. Fuji in Four Seasons” YOKAN beautiful design is like a symbol of Japan.

Aoyagiseike Co., Ltd.

Tokyo was once known as Edo. One neighborhood, Mukojima, still retains the atmosphere of the streetscape of old Edo. Aoyagiseike lies on a street in this area where geisha pass each other even today. Long ago YOKAN was named “Yokan” by the Duke of Sanetaka Ichijo and has been honored as the best possible gift. It continues to pass on that flavor today.

Tokiwagi Yokanten

Tokiwagi Yokanten has been in business as a Japanese sweet shop for four generations in Atami, a scenic town famous for its hot springs since ancient times. Its most famous product is Tsurukichi YOKAN, named after the founder of the shop.
This YOKAN won the best taste award in 2013, a world first for YOKAN, judged by the International Taste Examination Organization, known for its strict standards.
Tokiwagi Yokanten’s products are characterized by their stylishness and originality, with sweet orange colored YOKAN using ingredients such as “daidai”, (citrus), that goes well with coffee and black tea, and YOKAN using Remy Martin cognac.


In the castle town of Hamamatsu, home to Japan’s most famous Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa is the old established Japanese sweet shop of Ganyuudou.
Mr. Uchida, the shop owner and a famous sweets artisan, has gained tremendous support from many Singaporeans at his event booth with his subtle and beautiful sweets. Among them, the longtime favorite is his fall chestnut steamed YOKAN.
People from all over Japan come to Ganyuudou’s shop in Hamamatsu in search of these wonderful handmade sweets which cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Koeido Co., Ltd.

Koeido is a confectionary, Japanese sweets manufacturing company based in Okayama prefecture, established in 1856. The main product is a sweet rice cake ball “KIBIDANGO”. It is well known for the famous Japanese old story of “MOMOTARO”. Koeido provides various kinds of traditional and unique Japanese sweets.
This YOKAN is yogurt flavored and mixed with colorful dried fruit pieces such as blueberries ,cranberries and raisins.
Fruit aroma and crunchy nuts texture enrich the taste of this YOKAN. Enjoy the fusion texture of “IKI”.

Komiya Yokan

Komiya Yokan is an old YOKAN shop established in 1764 in the mountains of Okayama prefecture in western Japan. YOKAN production here has been carried out since the 14th century with local Azuki beans and with the agar and sugar indispensable to the production of YOKAN brought there on the Takase ships of Asahikawa. The mountainous regions of Okayama are very famous for the production of Azuki beans and the Ochiai Yokan, which takes its name from the Ochiai area where the beans are grown, is highly valued for its delicious tasting YOKAN. Komiya Yokan is famous among the five remaining stores that sell YOKAN made from local Ochiai beans. This is because of its bite size YOKAN made in the shape of the Takase trading ships and the texture of the YOKAN which is crispy on the surface when exposed to air but soft on the inside.


The Suzukake flavor – created with carefully chosen seasonal ingredients and masterful craftsmanship – each incorporated with diligence. Founded over 90 years ago in Fukuoka city in Kyushu, Suzukake, under the principles of founder Saburo Nakaoka, awarded as “The contemporary master craftsman”, has single mindedly pursued the development of Japanese confectionery with the incorporation of innovation within the tradition. At this year’s collection, Suzukake would like to introduce their idea of the future of Japanese confectionery through YOKAN. Suzukake “bar36” : 36 stands for the combination of aroma, taste, and flavor. bar36 will prepare combinations based on the image of the country where the live performance is. bar36 would like everyone to enjoy a taste of New York in the combinations it creates which are unique to the area.

Muraoka Sohonpo Co., Ltd.

Muraoka Sohonpo is a YOKAN maker in the beautiful old city of Ogi in Saga prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu. In this city of over thirty YOKAN makers, Muraoka Sohonpo stands out as one of the most famous.
Its most well known product, cherry YOKAN, is typical of western Japan in its use of white Azuki beans which have a slight cherry pink color and a soft fresh flavor.
This shop has a first class reputation among professionals for its YOKAN, from its large to small products and prides itself as the quality leader among the many YOKAN shops in Japan.