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About YOKAN Collection

YOKAN, a favorite confection in Japan, has many varieties based on a fundamental theme of azuki beans, sugar and agar. Its simplicity is similar to wine culture in the West; taking pleasure in subtle differences. It is rare to enjoy so many different types of YOKAN in one place.The YOKAN Collection debuted in 2010 in Japan, was held in Paris in 2016, and in Singapore in 2017. Thisyear, as its first debut in the United States, the YOKAN Collection will be held in the cosmopolitan city of NY with support of the Japanese government for the JAPAN brand.Japanese cuisine, a World Heritage, has a long history in sweets. The YOKAN Collection brings YOKAN makers from Japan to create authentic yokan to delight its guests. In addition to tasting opportunities of over 100 varieties of YOKAN, confectioners will be making YOKAN creations every half hour.